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 Clean Beauty: A New Way of Life




What exactly is ''clean skincare''?

You may also hear it as ''green skincare'' and it is what it sounds like! ''Clean skincare'' is based on transparency and non-toxic ingredients and let's see exactly how the ''clean'' thing goes....


  • Transparency
  • This is really important in general and not only for your skincare products.  You need to know what exactly you are placing in your skin and be totally aware of all the consequences.   When you choose the ''clean'' path, the products you use list all of the ingredients and you can simply search each one of them to see the ''magic'' behind the product.  One of the most known techniques that beauty brands use is to include fragrance as an ingredient.  Obviously, it can not be listed as ingredient and usually a lot of other ingredients are hidden behind the ''fragrance'' label.  Also, consumers are often mislead by the 'eco' and 'natural' labels that are not applying to the products.  This technique is called ''greenwashing'' and it is not part of the clean beauty transparency.  Beauty brands that list all of their ingredients worth the hype!
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • The product you are interested passed the the label test successfully, but is it enough?  Of course not! In order to pass the clean beauty test, all of the ingredients must be non-toxic.  Toxic ingredients that are banned are different all around the world and you should check an eligible list for your country. Generally, silicone, fragrances and SLS are not recommended for skincare use .




'Clean skincare' vs 'Green skincare': is it the same?


Now that you know the criteria for clean skincare ,I have to tell you a little secret...Clean is not always green.Green is a term used for products that are environmental friendly and do not harm the planet and every living organism.So in order a product to be ''green'' it should be cruelty free, sustainable, recyclable and it is good to be vegan as well.


How to go ''clean''?


1. Choose fragrance-free products

Greenwashing is a serious issue and you don't want to get scammed by the label of  ''fragrance''.  As said, a lot of companies hide ingredients under the umbrella of fragrance and you don't really know what's behind every product you use. Choose fragrance-free products to minimize the chances of hidden gems!


2. Read the ingredients

The best way to find out if a product is clean ,is to read its  label with the ingredients.Find the full list  of banned ingredients that applies in your country  and compare it to your product ingredients.  It is good to avoid SLS, silicone and fragrances (already told you, greenwash is a thing!)


3. Buy less packaging

And now the green part.  Buy as minimal packaging as possible, as it is more likely to be full recyclable and I'm sure you want the best for our planet!


'Clean skincare' is not just a movement of the recent years, it's a way of life.When you choose this path, you will change your shopping attitude and you make more conscious choices.  Here at Lynsey Noel CBD, we offer a “Recycle + Earn Program". When you recycle SIX empty skin care product bottles, you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY CBD lip balm. 


And of course, don't forget our planet!  'Clean' often goes hand in hand with 'green'.



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