Body Positivity!

What is Body Positivity? Body positivity means ...ALL bodies are beautiful!!

Whether those bodies be thin, plus-size, queer, black, or white, they are all gorgeous. We should accept and love all body types and stem away from mainstream media’s ‘ideal’ body type; this goes for both men and women alike! A movement that focuses on and strives for this ideal is the Body Positivity Movement. This operation first started in 2012 with the action to change feminine beauty standards. The thought was that the images of women portrayed by movies, television shows, and magazines were impractical for the average woman. The individuals taking part in this movement want everyone to know that they too are worthy of self-love and that there is not a ‘normal’ body type.


Why Should We Have Body Positivity? Simply because it is awesome!! Every person, no matter what their body looks like, should love it! Individuals must be comfortable in their own skin and be able to celebrate what their body looks like. If you have a thin waist, flaunt it! If you have a big waist, flaunt it! If you have stretch marks, flaunt them! If you have a big booty, flaunt it! Do whatever makes you happy in your own skin!! People should not have to fear internet trolls making fun of them due to their latest pictures showcasing their rolls, stretch marks, or even how thin they are. The community that supports and defends body positivity fights against internet trolls and people similar to them, because they want every person to feel secure with their bodies’.

Is This Movement Just for Women? No!!! This goes for both men and women!! In the past, this movement has concentrated its efforts on changing what feminine beauty looks like. In recent times, they have advocated for the loss of labels on masculine beauty as well. When one thinks of a perfect male body, they tend to picture bulging biceps, hardcore abs, and a man who is six-foot tall and over! Only a fraction of men can achieve this ‘perfect’ body type, so what about the other men? The Body Positivity Movement wants you to know that while it is okay to have those features, it is perfectly acceptable to not have any of them! They want you to rock YOUR body because YOUR features are just as important!!!

What are the Negative Effects of Not Having Body Positivity? Not having body positivity can lead to three damaging problems such as depression, low self-esteem, and eating disorders. The continuous comparison to actors, actresses, models, and all alike can contribute to these problems. Likewise, the constant thinking that your body is ‘not enough’ can also play a role in developing these issues. It is a serious struggle that should not be taken lightly.  For this reason, many activists on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok have spoken against unhealthy comparisons and thinking. They want to end trends that exclude body types that do not fit into mainstream media’s ‘ideal’ body, because let us face it, there is not a ‘normal’ body.

Shout Out! We would like to take a moment to shout out and discuss the woman you have been seeing on this page!  Her name is Rebekah and she is originally from Long Island, NY, baby.  She has worked in the dance + fitness industry over 10 years.  Rebekah coaches with energy, fun, and, most importantly, good vibes!  She is a perfect example of body positivity!!     


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