Sola Wood Flowers DIY

Sola wood flowers offers projects in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and assortments. They even custom dye the assortment for you!

I scooped up a lil DIY set, as I needed my flower fix and wanted something gorgeous, that looked and felt real.  The wooden flowers and squishy and such a fun material to work with. I was expecting them to be hard and picky...nope!!! 

This was so much fun!!


Step 1) I broke my sticks in half prior to gluing my petals on. I chose a smaller centerpiece so I needed to chop um smaller for the effect.



Step 2)  I took a big ol knife from the kitchen and cut my foam to fit my planter.  Simply place foam inside. :)



Step 3)  After I placed my foam inside, I started gluing petals to the sticks and placing them in the foam block. 


Step 4)  Arrange. Arrange. Arrange.  This took about 10 minutes, start to finish. 


Step 5) ENJOY! <3

For your own custom kit, check out: https://solawoodflowers.com/